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Magic Pools and Spas also carries an excellent copper based algaecide available in single quart bottles for mustard and hard to kill algae strains for $24 a quart. 

Algaecide 60, case of 12$177
Algaecide 30, case of 12$128
Sea-Klear Copper Algaecide, quart

$29 ea

$345.00 case of 12

Jack's Magic "Blue Stuff" Metal Remover, qt.

$28.50 ea

$339 case of 12

National Chemistry Metal Free, quart

$21 ea

$248 case of 12

Sea Klear Metal Remover, quart

$19.75 ea

$235 case of 12

Stain & Scale Control, quart

$18 ea

$216 case of 12

Stabilizer, 4 pound containers

$14.50 ea

$58 case of 4

Stabilizer, 8 pound containers

$26 ea

$104 case of 4

Stabilizer, 100 pound container$215
PH Minus, 6 pound containers

$9.75 ea

$39 case of 4

PH Minus, 10 pound containers

$15.50 ea

$62 case of 4

Muriatic Acid, gallon

$8 ea

$28 case of 4

Filter Sand, 50 lb$8
Salt, Very Fine Pool Grade, 40 lb$10.95

Total Alkalinity Increaser, 50 lb$28
Calcium Hardness Increaser, 50 lb.$28
Ph Increaser, 50 lb


Calcium Shockwave, 25 lb (68% chlorine)$89
Calcium Hypochlorite Shockwave, 50 lb. (68%)$125
Calcium Hypochlorite Shockwave, 100 lb. (68%)$189
3 inch tabs, 25 lb. (90% chlorine)$79
3 inch tabs, 50 lb. (90% chlorine)$135
Chlorine Sticks, 25 lb. (90% chlorine)$89
Chlorine Sticks, 50 lb. (90% chlorine)$149
Shock, One pound bags, 24 count (68% chlorine)$69.00
Filter Cleaner Degreaser, quart$14.50
G25 Copper Silver Vision Cartridge 25,000 gal$119
G35 Copper Silver Vision Cartridge 35,000 gal$131
G45 Copper Silver Vision  Cartridge 45.000 gal$143

     At Magic Pools and Spas, we know that a sparkling clean pool is important to you and to your family.  After all, no one enjoys stinging eyes, the smell of too many chemicals, or water that’s cloudy or strange colors.  Helping you to properly care for your investment is important to us.  We can provide all the tools you'll need to keep your pool in pristine condition. 

     All the chemicals you need for your pool, all season long!  Sign up for our Magic Pool System Delivery Service to have your chemicals delivered to your front door when you need them!  

     With our low local delivery charge of only $10.00 and our exclusive line of chemicals, you'll save money!  Why pay premium retail prices for chemicals that are the same great quality?  What's more, we offer FREE delivery to our local area on orders of $100 or more.
     Browse through the sampling of our products and prices below. We can get any chemical or product that you need for your pool.