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Magic Pools' service and products are both top notch. Rick and his team were there for any questions I had along the way. The response time to my calls and emails was immediate. I would highly recommend Rick and his company to any of my family and friends. I am extremely satisfied with our pool and have already received tons of compliments.
- Jason and Jatana Barger, Rockwell, NC

We are incredibly pleased with the customer service, quick response, and quality of our pool from Magic Pools! We couldn’t have imagined working with a better company. Magic Pools was very quick to respond to any questions we had. Their quote was thorough and accurate, without any hidden costs. The installation went great and the crew was awesome to work with! Our pool is of top notch quality and we have been in it every day since it has been installed! The installer kept us informed along the way and Rick came out and gave us all the tools and instructions we needed on caring for the pool. Thank you so much to Rick, Steve, and the rest of the Magic Pools team!
- Brandon and Katie Hoffner, Mt. Ulla, NC

Finding a pool builder and designing a pool is no easy task. We met with and interviewed several pool builders and made the decision to go with Rick Montgomery and his crew from Magic Pools and Spas. It was one of the best decisions we could have ever made. Rick, Jarret, Wesley and the rest of the team are knowledgeable, fair and worked closely with us every step of the way from start to finish. His prices are competitive with other builders, but we received so much more with our pool package than "the other guy" had to offer. Rick and his crew went above and beyond our expectations making sure everything was just right and to our satisfaction. They are meticulous with every detail of the project as if they were building it for themselves. Rick was always available and easy to reach if we had any questions. We would highly recommend Rick Montgomery and Magic Pools and Spas to anyone looking to build a pool. Thank you Magic Pools and Spas!!
- Frank, Karlie, Brooke, Emily & Nicolas Rinere, Mooresville, NC

We hired Rick Montgomery and Magic Pools to build our pool in June 2015. We had done research and talked with other companies for the previous 2 years, but the day I met with Rick I didn't let him leave without a deposit check! 

Throughout the process he was patient (I had a lot of questions and made a couple changes along the way) and informative. He has a wealth of knowledge and I feel completely confident in how to easily and economically maintain our beautiful new pool. All of the work was completed to our satisfaction and when we did have one hiccup during the build Rick and his team immediately went above and beyond to make sure we were completely happy. His work ethic is refreshing in today's world! 

One particular aspect of our pool that I'm really pleased about is the fact that it is perfectly level. Even the water delivery employee made a comment as he was filling it up - "Wow, that never happens..." When I asked him what he meant he said - "It's actually level!"  Our family is so happy with the finished product and we look forward to many summers with our "Magic Pool!"
-  Frank and Sara Pless, Concord, NC

We moved to Mocksville, NC in June and decided we wanted to have a pool. After meeting with several pool contractors, we chose Magic Pools and Spas. Rick Montgomery was the most knowledgeable and had a great attitude. After a short delay due to weather conditions, they started the process. We chose a small fiberglass pool because of less maintenance. Rick made the whole process much less stressful than we had anticipated. Since we are first time pool owners, Rick explained everything to us in a way we could understand. All of the subcontractors used by Magic Pools and Spas were professional and hard working. We had no issues. Every step was done in a timely fashion, and the pool and deck are just what we wanted. I would highly recommend Rick and his crew for a professional pool project. 

- Pam and Walt Gannon, Mocksville, NC

When our very old pool pump began to leak and needed replacing, I called Magic Pools after checking out several pool repair businesses. Rick thoroughly discussed the pump situation and made sure it needed replacing rather than repairing. Then I happened to ask about converting my pool to a salt system. I had previously had a salt pool and loved it. He priced it, explained to process of converting and it was done in no time. Rick has continued to answer any and all questions I've passed his way. He and Wesley are a joy to work with. They do the work, clean up, and the pool is ready to enjoy. I highly recommend Magic Pools for any and all your pool needs.
 - Kim and Jay Fahs, Salisbury, NC

From the initial meeting to discuss our pool to the final walk through Rick Montgomery and his team at Magic Pools and Spa we were thrilled.  He blew our expectations out of the water. He did a phenomenal job of helping us realize our dream of having our very own pool. Rick provided us with the “pros” and “cons” for each decision made throughout the entire process.  He and his team were on site when they said they would be, and their attention to detail and quality work were evident in the results.  Rick and all the folks at Magic Pools and Spa get two thumbs up!  We would recommend them to anyone.
 - Rob and Michelle Arnold,  Mt. Ulla, NC

Rick and his team at Magic Pools and Spas did an excellent job. Project came in on budget. My wife and I are very pleased with the outstanding quality and workmanship of Rick and his team.  We have recommended Magic Pools to all our friends and to anyone that asks about our pool. 
Rick continues to answer my questions and comes by to check on anything I ask him to and does it with a smile. He knows everything there is to know about a pool, and has guided me through any situation that has arisen. If you want a beautiful pool and a first class team to take care of you after the job is done, then Magic Pools and Spas is the company to get.
 - Jerry and Elaine Satterfield, Mooresville, NC

My wife and I wanted to do a complete remodel on our 25 year old pool.  We interviewed several contractors before deciding on Magic Pools & Spas.  From our initial interview earlier this year, all the way to completion, Rick Montgomery and his amazing team were there every step of the way.  When you call Rick with a question, he either picks up the phone or calls you back within 30 minutes.  How many contractors do you know that give you that kind of customer satisfaction?  During the construction I bet I called Rick at least once a day and he never complained or sounded tired of hearing from me.  

I told Rick I wanted a whole new look for our pool - I wanted 1" overlay pavers installed over our existing concrete deck which was badly craced and had been repaired several times.  The cracks always came back.  This was the final remedy to our problem as the pavers will never crack as they "float" on top of the existing concrete.  We also wanted our old white drab fiberglass step replaced.  Rick suggested a gray marble curved step, which we picked, and a matching gray liner that matched the step perfectly!  What a great combination!  All of the return lines, main drain and skimmer - along with the ladder and hand rail are black in color, which really looks awesome.

We took a long time to decide on the color and shape of the pavers and the liner, and Rick either delivered or sent paver samples, liner, step brochures to our house to help us decide.  We changed our mind several times throughout the selection process, and his vast experience with pools and what he thought would look best was a tremendous help in the selection process. 

Our pool remodel is complete now and we will enjoy our "new" pool for many years to come, thanks to Rick and his professional team at Magic Pools & Spas.  If you are thinking of building a pool or just making repairs, doing a remodel or just have problems with your water quality- just call Rick and like the sign says, "We make your problems disappear - like magic."  Thanks Rick!
 - Mike and Michele Buczek, Harrisburg, NC

Rick rescued our pool a couple of years ago when we were having water circulation problems when no one else could help us. Since that time we have relied on his expertise. They have resurfaced our pool and switched our system from chlorine to salt. The salt system was the best move we ever made and now we keep our pool water clean and spend very little time or money keeping it that way! Rick is extremely knowledgeable and professional. When you have a pool problem, he is easy to get in touch with and responds promptly! We have had our pool for over 15 years and these last 2 years with Rick's help our pool is running better than ever! We definitely recommend Rick Montgomery and Magic Pools to all our friends in Salisbury!
 - Dave and Carol Aycoth, Salisbury, NC

Rick and the Magic Pools and Spas Team built our saltwater pool and put it in service early spring 2012. We are extremely pleased with our purchase. More so, we want to commend Rick and his loyalty to the customer...once Rick "delivered us the keys" to our pool, two months out we noticed an apparent soil sub-grade imperfection in the deep end of the pool. Rick personally inspected the imperfection and recommended we keep enjoying the pool for the rest of the summer and he would return in early September to fix the sub-grade. Rick not only repaired the problem, but provided new water, salt and chemicals for the pool at no charge to us. We would absolutely recommend Rick and Magic Pools and Spas for your swimming pool investment.
 - Jay and Shannon Eaves, Midland, NC

Our family has dreamed of having a pool for years.  After interviewing several pool builders we chose Rick and Magic Pools. From the beginning to the end Rick and his team were very knowledgeable and confident in every aspect of our project. The job site was always left neat and clean and our project was completed just as we were told from the beginning, unlike a lot of contractors. Rick did what he said he was going to do. Rick and his team made this project enjoyable and made our dream a reality. We would highly recommend Rick and his team for all your pool needs. 
 - Jeff and Renee Brooks, Rockwell NC

In looking for a pool contractor, we learned very fast that the absolute best team around to install it for us was Magic Pools & Spas.  The owner Rick Montgomery is just awesome.  He is extremely hands on and was on site almost every day.  On the final day he gave us a little class on how to treat our water, that along with his instruction and reference material - it couldn’t be any easier. 

The guy was involved in several jobs while working on ours and still managed to stay in touch with us and coordinated all trades to accomplish the task at hand.  He showed up one evening around 8:30, and I thought there was no way that he could get anything done but man was I wrong.  He worked under lights and worked up to about 9:45 making sure that the concrete imbedded items were correctly placed for the slab pour the following morning.  What a tough and conscientious guy.  

Through all of his effort he was kind and always took time to answer my questions.  He and all of his crew are polite and hard working.  I am so very glad that we found them, and I say to all who are looking to invest in a purchase of this magnitude do your homework and check out the others.  You will see as we did that they do not even come close to the quality and workmanship of what Magic Pools & Spas has to offer.  I want to personally say thanks to Rick and his crew for being the best around.  I feel like I have made a new lifelong friend.  Man we love our pool!!!
 - Dale, Martha, & Brandon Curry, Salisbury, NC

Without doubt, Magic Pools is the best pool company we have worked with since we installed our pool six years ago. Rick is very knowledgable and taught us more about our salt system in one afternoon than we had ever learned before. He took time to teach us how to check our own pool levels and set up a computer program for us to help keep our chemicals balanced. Rick is honest, quick to respond for service, and very reasonable. He is helping us learn how to make our pool look better for a much lower price! We are very grateful to have found Magic Pools!
 - Nathan and Sherri Christy, Mt. Pleasant, NC

 Rick Montgomery and his crew were here to answer our questions and support our project every step of the way. Magic Pools exceeded all our expectations. Rick made suggestions to improve the look of the pool area, and saved us cost with extras, creating for us a custom pool with unique features.

We are very satisfied with the workmanship, care, prompt, and professional service we received by all the employees of Magic Pools. Rick was available anytime we called; his pool builder was unsurpassed in quality and professionalism, working long hours to build our pool. All Rick’s subcontractors were prompt, professional and showed up exactly when expected. They cleaned the area completely, no trash or debris were left. 
Rick did what he said he would do. I highly recommend Magic Pools.  Magic Pools will do you the best job, and expect no surprises on your bill. 
 - Don, Karen and Kaitlyn Coggins, Salisbury, NC

For our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I wanted a “stay-cation” and asked Rick to install a pool in our backyard.  We were so happy with the variety of options from the pool shape to the various liners.  We could have a spa, deck jets, colored lights and other features to make our pool a dream escape.  Rick spent all the time we needed walking the back yard drawing the pool shape and taking time to decide exact placement for the best results.  We have enjoyed the beautiful outcome with we are pleased that it requires very little maintenance.  It is unbelievable how easy having a pool has been.  Rick’s always available – returning calls promptly and patiently explaining the process for checking key “pool health” indicators (like the Ph levels!)  He set up an easy to use computer program to help us keep our pool chemicals in check.  His expertise and easy-going demeanor have been a real pleasure.
 - Renee DeKemper, Huntersville, NC

My wife and I began our pool construction process as most do by interviewing several different pool contractors. From the first on site visit, it was obvious Rick Montgomery was by far the most professional and knowledgeable- by a long shot. What’s more, his “Elite Polymer Free-standing” system, though it may cost a few dollars more, is far superior to all other systems on the market.  And believe me, we did our homework! Rick has an excellent crew who support him and work with unbelievable speed and precision. I dare say the young man that serves as his pool builder is second to none! All his team got to know us on a first name basis and treated our pool as if it were their own. Rick is a man of his word and knows how to make things happen. It was quite amazing to see them take a bare piece of ground and in 3 weeks deliver our beautiful Magic Pool!! Rick recommended a salt chlorinating system and we have had enjoyed crystal clear water for only pennies in chemicals and less than 10 minutes of our time each week. Finally, Rick suggested deck jets for eye appeal and enjoyment of our grand kids. That was true, but let me tell you the best part. In the hottest part of July and August the water temperature could easily reach into the 90s- bath water/not enjoyable. All we had to do was run the jets overnight and the pool temp would return to the perfect mid-low 80s. Even after completion Rick continues to make himself available for our questions. Bottom line… We recommend Rick Montgomery, his pool system and his team hands down. When your comparing cost, experience and performance- you’ll make a mistake if you don’t choose Magic Pools!! 
 - Jerry and Dona Hagler, Concord, NC

The thought of interviewing multiple pool companies in the selection process when having a pool installed can be overwhelming.  Neither our schedule nor lack of patience warranted a lengthy due diligence process.  Based on the recommendation of a very satisfied friend and Magic Pools customer, their great standing with the BBB, over 25 years in the pool business and all of their rave reviews from other customers we quickly chose Magic Pools for our backyard oasis. 

With our limited personal knowledge of today’s pools, Rick was very attentive in promptly answering all of our questions, guiding us in the right direction, making suggestions and never trying to sell us something that we did not need.

We encourage all potential customers to review the pictures of his final products and believe that the quality of the product is as good as it looks.  We waited a few weeks to submit our testimonial to make sure that we could provide an objective review without bias from the initial excitement from simply having a pool.  Things actually got better as time went by. 

Many folks with older, less efficient pools will warn you about “all of the work” that goes into owning a pool.  We can honestly say that we spend about 10 minutes a week with maintenance.  Yes, this does include cleaning and chemical monitoring.  Our pump and filtration system along with the automatic Hayward Phantom pool cleaner does an amazing job with keeping our water clean and circulating properly.  Rick will advise you on efficient equipment and maintaining proper chemical levels which will make operation of your pool very economical.  Additionally, Rick will save you money on all of your future chemical needs.

We’ve heard many horror stories from people who have chosen a bad pool contractor and struggle with their pool constantly.  Many of these contractors can never be found once the job is supposedly done.  Keep yourself out of that situation.  We highly recommend Rick Montgomery and Magic Pools and Spas for your pool / spa project.
 - Seth and Shannon Earnhardt, Denver, NC

My wife found Magic Pools while searching for local pool companies located around the Triad area where we live. After reading many testimonials and looking at their great ratings on the BBB, my wife called and scheduled an appointment with the owner, Rick Montgomery. Rick spent several hours with us on a Saturday explaining everything and going over all the details that would be involved with the pool and construction. During our pool construction process I had the pleasure of meeting many of Rick’s staff and got to know several of them personally including Rick. The staff members were very professional and a pleasure to work with. We had some minor obstacles related to weather during the construction process but Rick and his staff did a great job and the end result is a pool that we will enjoy as a family and with friends for many, many, years to come.

We would recommend Magic Pools to anyone thinking about putting in a new pool, Rick will make sure that you are completely satisfied and he is always available to help with any questions you have day or night. With the kind of service we have received we will be customers for a very long time.  Thank you Magic Pools and Staff.
 - Bill & Tracy Gerrard, Midway NC

Rick Montgomery and Magic Pools has helped us tremendously as we had to open our pool early due to the cover falling in.  We were given his number by a friend, and we called seeking help with the mess in our pool.  Then our pump died and he quickly came and replaced it.  After talking to him regarding ways to save money with our pool, he mentioned switching over to a salt system.  We took his advice and he did this at our convenience and has helped us in every way with this new system.  I have already recommended him to many of our friends and love the fact if we need help we can call him any day of the week.  We are very happy to have used his services and will be a customer for years to come.
 - Justin & Christine Sparger

I want to say Magic Pools is the best out there.  I bought a salt system and only spent 40 bucks all year.  It is Feb 2010.  My pool is clear as a bell, and my pump has been put up for the winter.  I will say blessings on Rick.  The Pool Man is dependable and honest.
 - Kimberly Elliott, Mt. Pleasant, NC

We wanted a large free form pool and a rock waterfall, and our pool site presented many challenges.  Rick personally handled all phases of our project.  He is very knowledgeable and our pool turned out just as we had imagined it.  Rick is a very honest person and he can be counted on to do what he says.  I highly recommend Rick and Magic Pools for your pool project.
 - George and Carol Groehl, Mooresville, NC

Our custom free-form pool required a builder with experience and project management skills to make our vision a reality.  Rick and Magic Pools did an excellent job.  Our project was completed on time, on budget, but most importantly, Rick and Magic Pools provided excellent customer care after the sale. 
 - Jack and Cheryl van der Poel, Salisbury, NC

Reliable, excellent service. Always courteous and on time. Highly recommend to anyone looking to put a pool in, just have service, get products or chemicals or just a quote. Pleasure to work with, made pool experience very easy!!! 
 - Robert Bova, Concord, NC 

Magic Pools exceeded all our expectations. This year we are looking forward to enjoying our inground pool that was built by Magic Pools.  We  are very satisfied with the workmanship, care, prompt, and professional service we received by all the employees of Magic Pools.  I highly recommend using Magic Pools.
 - Robert, Paula and Noah Severt, China Grove, NC 

Magic Pools and Spas, which is owned by Rick Montgomery, is the best pool builder and dealer in this area.  They deliver a first-class product at a fair price.  What really sets Rick and Magic Pools apart from the competition is the service after the sale.  I hear horror stories from people that used other pool dealers that won't help their customers or return calls once the pool is finished.  If I have any problems or questions that need to be answered, I can call Rick and he will answer the phone or he will call me back promptly if he's on another call.  He is a very honest person.  His vast experience and desire to please his customers is second to none.  You can't go wrong with Magic Pools and Spas. 
 - Marvin and Sherry Little, Concord, NC

My wife needed a pool for physical therapy. We contacted Rick and he helped us to decide on a salt system pool. We must say Rick has steered us well with his knowledge and care. This is April 2010, we have just opened our pool for the second time after winterization. Both times the water is crystal clear and the chemicals are still intact. Last year we used 1 1/2 bags of salt at $5.00 per bag, that is all the money we spent. This year is going the same way, and what few chemicals we have added this year came with the purchase of our pool. We also had Rick install a heating system so Sue could do physical therapy longer, maybe even year round. We are very pleased with the help and service we have received from Rick Montgomery and Magic Pools. We highly recommend him. 
 - Jeff and Sue Glessner, China Grove, NC

Last year we decided to build a pool in our yard. We interviewed many large and small companies. We asked Rick Montgomery and other companies to bid on the job.  We ended up choosing Magic Pools and Spas. I just trusted Rick and although it was not a national company, we wanted a local company.  My wife and I could  not be happier with what they built. It is a beautiful pool and the kids love it. Rick is always available to answer questions, and goes out of his way to help us as new pool owners. His team members were professional and hardworking. I would highly recommend Magic Pools and Spas to build your desired pool. Actually our pool is one of the showcase pictures on the website and we would be happy to give any potential customers a tour. 
 - Pete and Dorothy Parnian, Mooresville, NC

When I decided to have a pool built, I interviewed at least 4 pool builders. I am so glad that I did not give up until I met Rick Montgomery. Rick made the pool building experience very stress free. He has always been available to me - with even my "stupidest" questions. He  held my hand through my first year of learning pool chemistry with so much patience. You cannot find anyone more honest or knowledgeable to build your pool.  
 - Harvey and Carolyn Deal, Cornelius, NC

Rick built our pool in 1994.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our pool.  The quality and care in the construction process is outstanding.  We have recommended Rick to our friends as the only dealer to use in the Salisbury area.

Rick Montgomery of Magic Pools and Spas provides the ultimate experience in buying and maintaining a swimming pool. Hard working, shows up on time, every time, and his knowledge of chemistry and the make up of pools is unsurpassed. Experience counts in the pool business and no one has more experience with pools than Rick. Having a pool is an investment and I trust no one else in the proper care and feeding of my pool except magic pools and spas. 
 - Andy and Ann Adams, Salisbury, NC

My husband and I have always wanted a pool and we finally have it thanks to Rick Montgomery and Magic Pools and Spas. We didn’t even do much homework. Rick was so knowledgeable and thorough. We completely trusted him to do a good job and he far exceeded our expectations! We have never been able to enjoy our backyard due to landscaping and drainage issues and now we have a beautiful 20x40 double roman pool with a spill-over spa surrounded by a beautiful block retaining wall with stairs leading up to our basketball court. Ours was definitely a challenge with 2 large dogs that had to be kept in our fenced in back yard at all times and Rick’s employees were always friendly and courteous and went above and beyond to take care of our dogs when we weren’t there during the building process. Rick has always answered his phone or at least called back promptly when we have had questions. 

We are in love with our salt system and the maintenance has been a breeze not to mention inexpensive. The one thing that stands out the most about Rick and his staff is their honesty and willingness to make the customer happy. We will never have to go to one of those pool stores with a water sample and spend a fortune on chemicals that we don’t need because Rick provides a computer program and teaches you how to test your own water. The computer program tells you what you need to add and if you need to add anything at all, it usually isn’t much and Rick will bring you what you need. It doesn’t get any easier than that! I will only recommend Magic Pools and Spas to everyone I know! Thanks Rick and staff for everything!  
 - Chris and Tina Barringer, China Grove NC

For the past five years we have been wanting to have a pool at our home and after having many word of mouth recommendations about Rick and Magic Pools,we went through the consultation process and finally building the pool. 
From our first meeting I could see why people had recommended Rick. His knowledge was more vast than other companies that we had talked to. He could thoroughly explain all options that we could select for our pool. I am a
very involved home owner/customer, to say the least, and Rick and all the subcontractors that he has on his crew could answer every question I had along the way and were willing to make sure I understood all the steps in the pool building process. 

The quality of the entire installation was exceptional from the digging of the hole to the setting of the walls, the running of the plumbing, the concrete finish work, the finish work inside the pool and setting of the liner. We have had many guests this past summer and all were impressed with the quality of the pool construction.  Rick stays with his customer every step of the way and will call you back in a matter of minutes, not days, when a question arises and has an immediate answer and can walk you through it. 

I cannot say enough about Magic Pools and the superior work they do before, during and after the installation. I would without reservation recommend Rick and Magic Pools for any and all of your pool needs. 
 - Lucas and Regina Hendzel, Oakboro, NC