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Located in Lexington & Salisbury, NC

Here is slideshow of a 30-year-old pool we renovated.  We took off the old deck, installed a new liner and step, installed new concrete coping, added a new automatic pool cleaner, and added a new salt chlorine system. 

Here's another pool that we remodeled.  It was a 35-year-old pool that was in a poor state of disrepair when we were called in to work our magic!  View the slideshow below to see the results!

Here are a few of things we did to transform this pool.  We drained the pool and removed the old liner.  The old 4’ walk in steps were removed and replaced with a 6’ granite step. This required a major modification of the existing pool wall. Plumbing lines were pressure tested and repaired a skimmer and inlet leak.

We then Installed a new liner.  The old aluminum ladder and handrail deck cups were replaced.  We Installed thin pavers including new coping around the pool, removed the old porch that was also in bad shape, and completely built a new back porch.  The water drainage issues were solved by installing a deck channel drain system along with a Phantom Automatic cleaner and booster pump. 

Here you will find pictures of a twenty-year-old vinyl pool that we completely renovated.
The pool was serviceable but uninspiring, so similar to 10,000 other pools.  We removed the old, white, walk-in step and replaced it with a beautiful Gray Granite cantilever step.  We installed “L” shaped coping pavers which hides the old white aluminum coping but still allows for liner replacement.
Our customer selected an elegant style of thin pavers that we installed over the existing deck.  These pavers will “float” on the old concrete surface allowing the old deck to crack or move without impacting the pavers, and they will never fade.  We extended these into their grilling area and into the new patio area for a seamless transition. 
We thin-repaired the old concrete vermiculite bottom of the pool and installed an attractive new liner.  After the final touches of black handrails for the steps and stairs, the work was complete.  The results?   A magnificent, modern, and striking poolscape that will be enjoyed for many years to come!

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